Ayurveda & Bodywork



An Initial Ayurvedic Assessment and bodywork session with Kameko includes an Ayurvedic pulse analysis, which looks at your current state of health as well as your birth type or dosha (vata, pitta, kapha). This assessment is combined with your personal needs to create an individualized wellness program to help you achieve greater health and balance.


The program includes nutritional recommendations, self-care techniques, herbs/supplements, yoga asanas, pranayama or meditation techniques to address physical and emotional needs. Followed by a mini Ayurvedic Oil Massage (Abhyanga)


Initial 2 hour Ayurvedic consult & bodywork session–$160 ( or 150 cash)
Initial 2 hour consult with two 90-minute follow ups– $350 (Save $30)

90 minute Ayurvedic consult + massage combo – $125 (or part of package)
** only available after an initial 2 hour consult



Other times may be available email: nadigirlayurveda@gmail.com

Ayurvedic Inspired Bodywork Sessions & Cleanses

Kameko combines traditional ayurvedic abhyanga (oil massage), with Swedish and Thai stretches, lymphatic drainage, hot stones, and cuppings. Customized oil blends, hot stones and optional scalp oil treatments included! This work is deep and grounding, meant to move lymph, relax muscles, sooth the nervous system and resort the mind with the body and spirit. Click here for more cleanse information.

90 minute massage or private yoga $125 cash/check $130 cc
3 90 minute massage package $350 (save $40)
6 90 minutes massages for $650 (save $70)
1 60 minute private yoga $100
1 2-hour massage $170
7 Day Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse $160
10 Day Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse $ 180
3-5 Pancha Karma available on request, email for quote 

SPECIAL 7 Day Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse & 60 minute massage $200



Other times may be available email: nadigirlayurveda@gmail.com

Kameko received her Ayurvedic Clinical Practitioner Certification from the Dhyana Center of Health Sciences in 2009, where she went on to complete over 1,000 hours in a 2-year internship under her teacher, DeAnna Batdorff. Kameko continues her work with the Dhyana Center helping run their donation-based clinic, lead Pancha Karmas and TA in certification courses. She is has been the resident Ayurvedic practitioner for Namaste Oakland’s Wellness Program since Jan 2012.

Kameko is a certified Massage Practitioner, who studied at McKinnon Institute, Esalen Institute and the Accupressure Institute. Her touch is deep and intuitive specializing in traditional Ayurvedic massage, Swedish, Reiki, deep tissue and lymphatic drainage.

“I  humbly believe we all have the power to heal ourselves we just need to take the time to slow down, get educated, and breathe fully!”

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