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 “i don't pay attention to the world ending. it has ended for me many times and began again in the morning.” Wisdom from @nayyirah.waheed. Sunset stillness, another day ends, another begins, cleaned by the sea lapping the shore. Hasta pronto, puerta Escondido ☀️ 🇲🇽‍♀️♥️  @b3njamincole #yogaeveryday #mexicolindo #oaxaca #yogateacher #meditatedaily #meditatemore  Wisdom from the interwebs. For realz the weather is divine and I’ve traded time in traffic for time on my mat. Get down here and join me, I’ve got a few spots left for my 5 elements yoga + Ayurveda retreat March 1-6 @playaviva , and registration is open (and filling!) for yoga Veda Shala teacher training immersion June 9-30 also @playaviva #vacation #winterwin #yogaeveryday #yogaretreat #meetmeinzihuatanejo
 After an amazing 5 weeks in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca headed to @playaviva. Stoked for the 4th annual 5 elements yoga and Ayurveda retreat! I️ have one room left- a gorgeous king Eco casita. Be spontaneous! You won’t regret it I️ promise. #meetmeinzihuatanejo #yogaeveryday #ayurveda #yogaretreat #paradise #nextstopmexico @davidmcmurry @dalilachakramama @alissabrownrigg @isazara @amybeck70  Tuesday tip: comida organico . Of course most of you know the merits organic produce, but Ayurveda has an interesting perspective on why to buy and eat local and organic foods. With a “farm to table” approach less hands touch your food, and each time food changes hands the potential for greed increases. So the less people that touch your food before you “take it in” (as we say in Ayurveda) the more engetically pure it’s said to be. Thus food free of chemicals and excess greed (and hopefully grown and produced by healthier humans with better access to rights & wages) is full of prana and supports samma Agni (harmonious digestion) . Stoked to find this sweet little mercado here in la punta. @playaviva also has an Oregon tilth certified organ farm, with epic fresh greens daily. (And I️ still have a few spots in my retreat , see bio) because one still wants to eat like a Californian in Mexico. #foodsnob #sorrynotsorry #ayurveda #frutas #organic
 Tuesday tip : electrolytes! Nothing like food poisoning and heat to remind me the appropriate power of electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, potassium ) we need for healthy functioning that we usually assimilate thru hydration (but also sweat and pee out) dehydration is not simply lack of water but lack of electrolytes. When I️ was younger I️ used to take emergen-c almost daily. I️ do not recommend it, it’s full of ascorbic acid (vit c) which is super hot, especially for #pitta hotheads. However the rush of electrolytes are great in an emergency (hence the name), like after a big hike, airplane flight, hot climate, Vata derangement or puking your brains (I’m much better now don’t worry:). Other great electrolytes : Coconut water, sole (the beloved salty water drink, mineralized sea or mountain salt contain electrolytes that our body can easily assimilate unlike refined salts) . You can also make your own “Gatorade” with lemon/lime, mineral salt and honey (or sugar or maple syrup). #ayurveda #nadigirlayurved #naturalmedicine #mexico #tuesdaytip #health  #truth #mlk on point as usual. don’t white wash it, Don’t let yourself get comfortable in “order” rally starts today at 1p at Oscar grant plaza oakland #blacklivesmatter #stopwhitewashing #hewasradical #whitechurchquiet
 Mango con chili. A long walk to the Mercado rewarded me with this treat and tamales elote- which i ate all of on the street. #win #mexicanfood #mexico #localfood  2017 ended with hot water, cold water, sunset, moon rise, lovers, friends and snacks over the pacific. And the realization that if my “crappy” year ends like that Damn - I’m still so lucky. Thanks for all the love friends. #keepingprospective #privilege #pacificocean #steepravine #lategram #sunset  @theartofbeingalive. Event planner @b3njamincole.
 View from the gorgeous yoga platform. Honored to offer the 1st teacher training at @playaviva Playa Viva this summer with yours truly and @david.moreno.moryoga . Join the #YogaVedaShala 200/300 hour YA Yoga + Ayurveda Teacher Training immersion June 9-30. Link in bio (and 1 room left my my March retreat). #yogaeveryday #ayurveda #teachertraining #yogateachertraining #mexico #paradise #offgrid #meetmeinzihuatanejo  Final class in the bay tomorrow Saturday 8:30 @ilovenamaste grandlake. All are welcome, if you’re low on funds come as my guest. #nextstopmexico #yogaeveryday #lakemerritt #oakland