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This program has been developed for serious yogis who are ready to deepen their practice and enrich their lives. Learn to take your personal practice and potential teaching to the next level with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Learn to embody your yoga practice and keep evolving, personally and professionally.

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Playa Viva is a gorgeous sustainable boutique hotel located on the western coast of Mexico. Nestled between the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean and the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains near the village of Juluchuca, Playa Viva is situated on a mile of pristine private beach.  The property’s nearly 200 acres includes an estuary, an Aztec archeological site, turtle sanctuary, and a coastal forest and mangrove ecosystem which supports an array of stunning wildlife.

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This is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training program through Yoga Veda. As a 200 hour Yoga Veda Ayurveda Yoga Teacher graduate you will be able to:  

•Create and sustain your own home yoga practice and Ayurvedic self-care routine (dinacharya)
•Teach basic asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation emphasizing Ayurvedic theory and functional anatomy
•Teach basic asanas with hands on techniques for alignment and safety
•Sequence public and private yoga classes based on the elements, seasons, doshas, times of day and phases of life
•Offer basic 30 minute private Ayurvedic holistic lifestyle consults to support clients
•Offer 60-90 minute private yoga therapy classes
•Offer 60-90 minute elemental vinyasa flow class
•Understand and incorporate basic Ayurvedic and Yoga theory into daily life
•Understand and apply basic Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking
•Live in deeper harmony with the natural world

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