The Yoga-Veda Shala School in Oakland CA provides a rich, varied but integrated, comprehensive educational experience in yogic philosophy, asana and Ayurveda taught by mature, accomplished teachers with joy and love.

–Dr. Jeff Marsh | Surgeon

Kameko and Adam have a talent for finding small, affordable, yet comfortable venues to hold yoga retreats. They integrate yoga with other complementary healing modalities like chanting, bodywork, ayurveda and salt-scrubbing and you come away feeling completely nourished and relaxed. This was really one of the highlights of my year!

— Robyn G | Project Manager


Adam and Kameko are a dynamic duo! Their knowledge of yoga and Ayurvedics, and their attentive teaching style, is the perfect balance for a healing retreat. They work together in harmony, with a gentle flow of positive, loving energy flowing between them. I attend as often as possible!

— Tamara F | Chef | Redwood Valley

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