Tuesday Tip #29

Kameko Tuesday Tip #29Tuesday Tip: neti pot! (Aka week #1 of Ayurveda yoga Tt- group neti in the parking lot!) neti pot is a classical Ayurvedic practice use to cleanse the nasal cavities. It helps manage #pitta allergies, and environmental toxins,
#kapha congestion and #vata dryness. For the yogis it said to cleanse the 3rd eye.
Some tips:
*always use warm not hot Fluoride free filtered water
*use Celtic or Atlantic sea salt
*if you get a burning sensation use more salt (you can also taste it)
*breath through your mouth (no really) as you tilt your head
*its ideal to practice in the shower so you can be messy and warm (unless you have the option to do it in the parking lot during Tt)
*don’t use essential oils in it
*if really congested do an herbal steam first
*avoid w acute sinus infections and polyps

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