Tuesday Tip #30

Kameko Tuesday Tip 30

Tuesday tip: Vedi-oats. Please please please do not eat cold cereal for breakfast (or anything cold or dry) this time of year! Cold, dry, rough foods aggravate vata dosha, already dominate in the fall. Try Simple, quick, and delicious hot cereal. Gluten free oats (or quiona or rice) with ghee, cardamon powder (cinnamon is great too), Celtic salt, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, grated ginger, dates and fresh figs. Cook the oatmeal w/ the seeds, dates and ghee add spices and fresh fruit and bam adult Vedic oatmeal! Even instant and travel oats work if you only have hot water just put the fixing in a Tupperware and add hot water when you’re ready. A bit of almond milk and honey or maple syrup next level it. Don’t skip the ghee. Ghee is life.

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